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The Ultimate Resource for Overcoming
Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Walt Grassl's Stand Up and Speak Up

Are you tired of that perspiring, legs shaking, voice trembling, mind blanking feeling you get when you speak to a group of people?

Would it surprise you that
one in four people share this fear?

Walt Grassl’s Stand Up & Speak Up will teach you how to understand and then change your behavior so you, too, can stand up and speak up, and let the world know you exist.

Whether your fear is fueled by shyness, self-consciousness, perfectionism, a poor memory for speeches, improper breathing or any combination of these or other reasons, Walt Grassl’s Stand Up & Speak Up will help you deal with the anxiety you feel when facing an audience.

In this easy, accessible guide, Walt Grassl shares his own story — it is a story of reinvention. By sharing his experiences and the rules he chose to adopt, he inspires you to act on your own fear and provides tips to make your journey easier.

The author collected “Walt’s Rules” — words of wisdom that make it easy to understand the choices he made on his journey to overcome stage fright. These rules apply to conquering the fear of public speaking and they also apply to making other changes in your life. They include:

  • Just because you couldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t
  • Take small steps
  • Say “Yes” and figure it out later
  • Never turn down stage time
  • Use personal stories (People are interested in what you have to say!)
  • Just show up … Conferences, Speech Contests, et al.
  • Test yourself by taking on new challenges
  • Breathe
  • Have fun!

You, too, can conquer your fear of public speaking
with Walt Grassl’s Stand Up & Speak Up!

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