Raving Fans

“It was my pleasure to work with Walt Grassl on a humor event we had planned at my club. When I contacted Walt he was amiable to take on the role of workshop speaker/presenter. During his prep time he checked in with me to verify what he was doing would meet the needs of the group and my expectations. As a true professional he showed up early and came prepared. His presentation was “spot on” for the group. He was relatable, instructive and funny. He also was on a panel where the group could pose questions to him and the other panelists. He was insightful and clear in answering questions. He went above and beyond offering personal help to our members. I would work with Walt anytime in the future, and recommend his talents to all.”

Bonny Kamen, DTM
Torrance Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters

— – — – — – — – —

“I meet with Walt twice a month to discuss what projects I’m working on, what I’m doing.  Whenever Walt hears that something is “not possible”, or “I can’t do that”, watch out!  He slices through “I can’t” or “It’s impossible” like a hot chain saw through butter.  When I told him I was giving some thought to stand up comedy, he told me about open mic night at The Ice House in Pasadena.  He told me if I went, he’d go to support me.  I thought he meant, to sit in the audience, but no, he meant he would actually do the standup with me!  That’s Walt!”

Ron Schweitzer
Entrepreneur, Writer, Retired Business Executive

— – — – — – — – —

“Walt Grassl is a dedicated professional who takes what he learns and puts it into practice in the service of his audience. On a personal note, I find Walt absolutely charming! I wonder if he likes older, rich women? <G>”

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker,
Past President of the National Speakers Association,
Faculty of World Champions’ EDGE

— – — – — – — – —

“It’s finally here! The time for Walt to share his amazing story. I’ve been part of Walt’s life for at least 5 years. He’s been a friend and we’ve worked on several projects together. Walt’s story is an amazing story of triumph. It’s an inspiration to anyone who has ever thought they couldn’t do something, but knows they need to. He has changed lives by sharing his insights, ideas, highs and lows with anyone who needs to hear it. I’m lucky to not only call him my friend, but a brother from another mother. If you want to make a transition in your life, not just in speaking but in overcoming your fear. Listen to Walt.”

Eno Georgette Inwek
Africa’s Ambassador of Possibility

— – — – — – — – —

Walt is the type of person that accomplishes whatever he puts his mind to… His leadership style is one that allows an individual room to grow and learn from his/her mistakes. I would not be the leader I am today if it were not for his direction.

Stacey Gillus
Manager, Raytheon

— – — – — – — – —

“I met Walt Grassl in 2008. When he came into my improv class he had a thing or two to learn about physicality, emotion and creating relationship in a scene. He struggles with keeping eye contact, a major part of becoming successful at the art of improv comedy. Unless you are a natural performer, the need to hone these skills upon signing up is not uncommon. One thing Walt did not need help on, however, was the concept of saying “Yes.” Yes (or Yes, And ) is the numero-uno-rule in improv, and Walt is a master at saying it. Not just on stage, but in the world. He is the ideal student of life. He is willing to take challenges head-on, confront his weaknesses, and help others in the process. He says “YES, let’s do this.” That is the great gift I have learned from Walt. It has been an absolute joy over the years to watch him grow in to a performer, and that joy continues to percolate every time I see him.”

Darren Held
Improvisation Instructor
Held2Gether, Improv for Life

— – — – — – — – —

“Walt Grassl helped charter StoryMasters, a storytelling club, and is the backbone of the group. One would never know that Walt once suffered from paralyzing stage fright. At the lectern he appears assured, yet endearingly modest; professional, yet entertaining. Every speech that I’ve heard him give has been thoughtfully written and delivered with humor and empathy. Walt’s preparation and presentation are models for us all.”

Tina Tomiyama, DTM
Toastmaster and Tutor

— – — – — – — – —

“Walt Grassl is an outstanding example of someone who overcame stage fright to embrace a new life as a highly effective performer and communicator. Walt uses humor, storytelling and straight talk to inform and inspire others to confront their own fears and reach their fullest potential. Each time I hear Walt speak, I learn something new and useful.”

Margaret L. Mitchell, DTM
President of StoryMasters

— – — – — – — – —

“For many years, I have watched Walt grow from a shy, anxious and scared speaker to a courageous, fearless and determined communicator. What I have witnessed in his growth is a whole new level in his public speaking style. Perhaps most impressive is his sense of purpose, collective action and continuous learning in the area of communication. Walt conquered his fears by challenging himself: speech contests, speaking boot camps and improv classes. I met Walt at a Toastmasters International Conference – after everyone else left to go home, he stayed and attended a boot camp.

“Whenever presented with the opportunity to stretch he was there coaching, mentoring and helping other members in District One Toastmasters to become better communicators and leaders. These new challenges have lead Walt to fulfillment, growth and success. His enthusiasm for public speaking is truly inspiring and he is always working to get better. I find his messages useful, reflective, crisp and easy to follow. Walt’s messages are audience-focused, down-to-earth and practical.

“I have observed Walt take all the right steps to become an active architect of his own life. I enjoy listening to his wisdom and wit.”

Gloria J. Davis, Executive Director
Girls Club of Los Angeles

— – — – — – — – —

“Authentic. Down-to-earth. Gentleman. Tenacious. This is Walt Grassl. Walt uses his humor and storytelling talent to captivate audiences and inspire them to conquer their biggest fears by simply taking small steps. People from any walk of life can relate to his personal life journey and feel encouraged that they too, can overcome the negative thoughts that have built up over time.”

Giovanna Dottore, DTM, PDG
Toastmasters District 1 Governor 2010-2011

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