Look, Mom, I Have An App

Look, Mom, I have an App!

Ok, my Mom doesn’t have a smartphone. And I don’t have an app. But my radio show does.

You can now easily listen to Stand Up and Speak Up, my Radio Show, on your smartphone.

The DoubleWide Network App was released earlier this month. I will walk you through the use of the app, which is available for iPhone, iPod or iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Google Chrome.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. I have included screen shots showing how to listen to the show on an iPhone. I hope the example works for the other platforms, as well.

  1. Download the DoubleWide App from your platform’s App store. Then launch the App. See Figure 1.

    Download and then Launch the DoubleWide App

    Figure 1 • Download and then Launch the DoubleWide App

  2. To listen to the show live, Thursdays, at 11am Pacific:
    1. Select Live Streams (Figure 2)
    2. Select the Rockstar Live Audio Stream and wait up to 20 seconds for the show to buffer (Figure 3)
    3. Enjoy the live show!
      Home Screen

      Figure 2 • Home Screen

      Select RockStar

      Figure 3 • Select RockStar

  3. To listen to the podcast later:
    1. Select the Rockstar Icon shown in the Home Screen photo (Figure 2, above), instead of the Live Stream
    2. Scroll to find Stand Up and Speak Up (Second from the bottom in the photo, Figure 4) and select
    3. Click on Play Audio Show (Figure 5)
    4. You will be taken to a screen with the individual shows (Figure 6), most recent show at the top. However, not all shows recorded on “the old station” are available yet, and those older shows are not in the same order. Scroll through the shows, find the one you want and select it.
    5. Enjoy the podcast!
      RockStar Show Menu

      Figure 4 • RockStar Show Menu

      Choose Play Audio Show

      Figure 5 • Choose Play Audio Show

      Stand Up and Speak Up Shows

      Figure 6 • Stand Up and Speak Up Shows

    That’s it.

    If you are a current fan of the show, I hope it makes it easier to listen.

    If you like what you hear, please share the show with a friend.

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