Lessons Learned Last Week

Lessons LearnedLast week, I attended a meeting of my Mastermind. I walked away with a list of things to do.

By sharing this list with you, I am making you, the reader, my accountability partner. Don’t worry, it requires no action on your part … but you will still get credit 😉

Here is a list of things I want to do (or do better) going forward:

  • Remember that I am on the planet to inspire people to overcome their fears and live a more fulfilling life
  • Start the day being thankful for waking up and for what I have; beginning the day grateful.
  • Imagine what’s possible
  • Commit 100%
  • Trust my gut
  • Make sure my interactions with clients are relationship based, not transaction based
  • Make more sales calls. Even though I do not like to do this, it is essential to my future success that I do it. I need to get over it!
  • Continue to perfect my talks
  • Pursue opportunities to make my radio show more profitable
  • Incorporate the on-camera techniques in the YouTube videos I will be creating
  • Practice and use the script / speech reading technique

Thank you to my fellow Mastermind members for their contributions to this incredible 3 days of sharing and growing.

Living the Dream


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