Talent vs Determination

Last week, I blogged about my big week. I started acting classes and gave my first hour-long keynote speech. Today, let’s look back at the week and frame it into a big “Aha” moment. At the acting class, my first… Read More→

It’s A Big Week

In December, I attended a retirement party for a former co-worker. I asked her, “What are your plans for retirement?” She immediately said, “I have a few things I want to do, but I am not going to be crazy… Read More→

How To Work A Room

If you have followed my story, you know that I suffered most of my life from Stage Fright! You may not know that I also suffered from shyness. My guest last week on my radio show, Susan RoAne, is an… Read More→

Lady and the Champs – Part III

Last week, in part II, I shared fifteen specific take-aways from the Lady and the Champs speakers conference (and the EDGE members-only summit, which was held the day before). Today, I will share more specific take-aways from the conference: You… Read More→

Lady and the Champs – Part II

Last week, in part I, I shared my general great feelings about Lady and the Champs. Patricia Fripp, Craig Valentine, Ed Tate and Darren Lacroix put on an inexpensive yet incredibly valuable speaking conference. On Sunday Feb 23rd, I had… Read More→