Being Seen As An Expert In Your Field Is Not Just For Entreprenuers.

Be Seen As An ExpertYesterday, I spoke at the South Bay Professional Association (SBPA) in Torrance, CA. The SBPA is a networking group that connects employers with professionals and executives for employment opportunities.

The week before the talk, I was thinking about my message. I had a half hour to speak and a half hour for Q&A. What does my audience need to hear?

I had time to make two points. The first point was importance of overcoming stage fright, which would help them interview better.

After pondering which of Walt’s rules to use for the second point, I had another one of those crazy moments, where I connect a thought or processes from one area to another.

This has happened before. I had observed that both baseball umpires and new project managers often have to go into situations where they don’t know anyone and yet they must take charge and run things. So, for a few years, I became an umpire to become a better project manager and team leader. And, if you’ve followed my story at all, you know I used improv and standup comedy to help me become a better speaker.

So I wondered, what do professionals and executives seeking employment opportunities have in common with entrepreneurs?

What about being seen as an expert in your field?

One of my mentors, Craig Duswalt, recommends that entrepreneurs be seen as an expert in their field, by speaking, blogging, writing a book and hosting a radio show. Craig has also created a system to write a book in 30 days.

I shared Craig’s ideas with the audience and asked them if doing these things might make them more employable?

  • Might it make them stand out from the other professionals seeking the same position?
  • Might it help them answer questions more crisply during interviews, having written or spoken extensively on the subject?
  • Might the connections you make (interviewing people for your book, blog or radio show) potentially lead to employment opportunities?

Heads began to nod and eyes opened up wider during this part of my talk. Either this made a lot of sense or the coffee was kicking in. During the Q&A, I got several questions on writing a book and on hosting a radio show. Maybe it wasn’t the coffee.

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to advance your career or you are seeking employment, being seen as an expert in your field is high percentage choice. I invite you to showcase your expertise by becoming a blogger, author, speaker or radio show host.

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