About Walt Grassl

Walt Grassl is on a mission
to help people overcome stage fright.

At the age of 50, Walt chose to face his fear of stage fright. It was not easy. He joined Toastmasters, but that alone did not cure him of this “disease.” But Walt was determined to conquer this fear. He attended speaking boot camps, competed in Toastmasters speech contests, studied improv and stand-up comedy. He has advanced to the finals of speech contests.

Walt has performed stand up comedy at the Hollywood Improv and the Flamingo in Las Vegas. He has performed in improv and sketch comedy shows put on by Held2gether, in Long Beach CA. He recently retired at 55 from a career in aerospace, and is now the host of the internet radio show, “Stand Up and Speak Up.” Walt’s book, Stand Up and Speak Up, is available for purchase as a paperback, PDF, or ePub. Click here for details.

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